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Best beaches in Split - tips from locals

Firule beach Split, best beaches in Split Croatia
Firule Beach one of the best sandy beaches in Split

The best beaches in Split are also places where the locals spend their time during the summer. Regardless if you are looking for a quiet beach or one full of activities, Split has everything in only a 30-minute car ride from one side to another! I have picked my personal top ten beaches in Split, hope you check some of them.

  1. Bacvice Beach: This is the most popular and busiest beach in Split, located just a few minutes walk from the bus and ferry station. It's a sandy beach with crystal-clear waters, filled with amazing angles for your next Instagram story or TikTok video. There are a couple of bars and restaurants nearby, offering international dishes at reasonable prices. My personal advice would be Cevapcici stand "Ba-Ce" just in front of the Summer cinema entrance. This beach is also family-friendly as it has two playgrounds, one right at the beach, and the other in a small park west of Hotel Park, above the beach (1 minute away). Lastly, Bacvice is world-famous for a very unique sport activity called "Picigin". It is a game in which players kick the tennis ball with their palms and try to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. It's very fun to watch as experienced players often throw themselves on the sandy ground to catch the ball and keep it in play.

  2. Ovcice Beach: Continue your walk along the seaside, and after a couple of minutes you will reach this beach. It is a great place to relax among the locals, enjoy a beach bar, or have a classy lunch in a restaurant above the beach. Also right above the beach, there is a summer movie cinema "Ljetno kino Bacvice". It is an amazing convenience that you can enjoy the day on the beach, have amazing local dishes in the surroundings, and then just relax watching a movie under the open sky in one of the most authentic Mediterranean experiences of the modern lifestyle to get. Extra tip: Each year in the second half of June, a famous festival "Mediteran Film Festival" takes place here too, offering a variety of the newest independent movies from Mediterranean countries from 3 continents!

  3. Firule Beach: Right after Ovcice Beach you will find "Firule". Most famous for many tennis legends that were born and raised here, such as Goran Ivanisevic and Mario Ancic, Firule Beach is the second-largest sand beach in Split. Besides tennis courts which you can be rented for playing sessions, you can also find popular cafes and restaurant options for lunch or dinner nearby. This beach is also family-friendly and perfect for the kids to play at. Oh yeah, Picigin is also played here. You should try it too!

  4. Kasjuni Beach: This is a beautiful pebble beach located on the southern side of Marjan Hill, which offers stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. It's a bit more secluded than Bacvice Beach, so it's a great place to relax and unwind. Swimming, you can see Marjan Hill from the sea, so it is a very nice and relaxing experience. The local bus number 12 leads to it and there is a parking lot. Parking pricing differs each year, but expect it to be crowded especially at peak hours. Unfortunately, there are no grocery stores nearby, so make sure you take enough liquids and refreshing snacks for your full enjoyment.

  5. Kastelet Beach: This beautiful pebble beach on the southern side of Marjan Hill offers stunning views of the city and the sea. It's a bit smaller and less crowded than Kasjuni Beach, but still a great choice to spend your time at.

  6. Obojena Svjetlost Beach: Just a couple minutes away (by car) this overlooked beach is a great alternative to Kasjuni Beach. Expect fine pebbles with crystal-clear waters, open eyesight to nearby islands, and pine trees offering natural shade and a peaceful atmosphere. The local bus number 12 also leads to it and there is a parking lot too. The Mestrovic gallery is very close to it, so you can go directly to the beach after visiting this stunning gallery and have a very fulfilling and interesting day. Both beaches, Kasjuni and "Obojena" should have summer cafes and bars, but don't be surprised if they don't work on a given day.

  7. Znjan Beach: This is a long and wide pebble beach in the eastern part of Split. It's a great spot for swimming and sunbathing, with plenty of facilities, supermarkets, and restaurants nearby. The local bus number 15 leads to it and here it is easiest to find a free parking space. Have in mind this beach is still not fully renovated yet, so each year's offers differ. Hopefully, in 2023, there will be more playgrounds for kids, and summer parties at night. Follow me on Facebook to check the latest information.

  8. Prva Voda Beach: There are a couple of beaches on Marjan too. This one is unique though since it offers a great natural shade that is so nice to have during hot summer days. It is situated 15 minutes away from the beautiful iron gates at the beginning of the walking zone on the east roadside. Speaking of Marjan Hill, it is a place to go for your daily recreation. Locals can be seen bike riding, running, or just walking. The local bus number 12 leads to it and there is a parking lot.

  9. Bene Beach: Further down the same road beach Bene offers natural shade under pine trees too. Bus number 12 will take you to it from the west side, in case you are not up for a 30-minute walk from the east entrance. This is a rocky beach so maybe you want to take some swimming shoes. As mentioned, a nice option would be to walk from the entrance door to Marjan Hill right to the beach - so relaxing walk among the pine trees which offer great shade during hot summer days.

Since all the beaches in Split get very crowded in the peak season, think about day trips from Split or going out of town and searching for some less-occupied beaches. There are plenty of them, but for this option, it is best to use a car and go south to find a perfect beach on the way. There are plenty of little places in that direction, just to name a few: Medici, Pisak, Omis, Brela, Baska Voda, etc. If you go north, the best beach is in Primosten, a little town about an hour from Split. It offers wonderful pebble beaches, natural shade, and plenty of bars and restaurants and the place itself is very nice to visit too. You can go there by car or by bus from the main bus station in Split. Another idea is to take a ferry boat and go to the island of Brac (Supetar or Bol), Solta, and Hvar where you will certainly find the best and not-so-crowded beaches with plenty of bars and restaurants nearby.

These are just a few of the many places to swim in Split. Each of these beaches has its unique atmosphere, so be sure to check them out and find the one that suits you best!

If you want to get any additional recommendations let me know, and I'll be glad to share it with you!


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