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Best mobile plans in Croatia

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In this guide I will list the best mobile plans in Croatia that you can get. But first decide if you really need one at all, because if you are an EU citizen, roaming shouldn't be an issue, and keeping your original number is more than fine. Still, the majority of employers will expect you to have a Croatian number. So at least not to decrease your chances to find a job in Croatia, you better get one soon as you decide to stay in Croatia for a longer period of time.

It is possible to buy a SIM card at some airports but you can expect higher prices or even difficulties to find a shop that sells it, so it is certainly better to buy it directly from the mobile provider stores or many other places around the town, more on that later. Depending on your residence or visa status, you may need to have your passport to buy one.

If you want to be connected all the time, the best solution is to buy a Europen prepaid SIM card online.

Now, let's see the offers in Croatia:

T-Mobile :

Prepaid data SIM with 10 days of FLAT mobile data (11,49 EUR).

You can buy this card at T-centar, Tisak, INA, iNovine, and Hrvatska pošta.

10 days data add-on FLAT SURF (7,96 EUR)


A1 prepaid tourist SIM with 10 days of unlimited surfing (10 EUR)

You can get an A1 10 days unlimited surfing almost anywhere, at newsstands, petrol stations, supermarkets, Hrvatska pošta post offices, and at A1 stores or you can get it online.


NET2GO with 10 days of validity (10.62 EUR)

SIM2GO with 10 GB, 30 days of validity (9.95 EUR)


13 GB + 1000 min + 400 SMS (18 EUR)


13 000 units that can be split as you wish between calls, SMS, and MBs (18 EUR)

The cards can be bought at Telemach shops, newsstands, in grocery stores, post offices, and gas stations.

So, now when you get your SIM card, you will certainly feel relaxed and ready to explore the country, feeling connected all the time with your dear ones! Have fun!

To explore more options please check a much more detailed overview by Kompare:


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