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Driving schools in Croatia

Driving school car Renault Megane
Driving school cars can be easily recognized by the yellow signs "Autoškola"

Driving schools in Croatia is what we explore in this article. I explain also how to get a driving license in Croatia in English as an expat. There are many steps to follow, and it might seem challenging as English courses and instructors are not that common, but it is not an impossible task. Driving lessons are divided into three parts: traffic regulations and rules, first aid, and driving practice. If you are not fluent in the Croatian language, you should check with a driving school ("auto škola") if they are able to provide you an English-speaking driving instructor as well as a translator. Check also for additional costs.

How to get a driving license in Croatia - Step-by-step guide

The first part of the lessons in a driving school is the traffic regulations and safety rules. Within the school program, you will be given a manual for training and passing the theoretical part of driving lessons. Also, the driving school will get you a manual with exam questions and answers so you can practice for the exam. The driving school will not charge you additionally for the manuals and if you want to receive a digital version, they will provide it for you. This part consists of 30 school hours and it is not obligatory to attend it but it would be much better to do it because you want certainly to be a great driver and after the lessons are complete you must pass a written exam.

After you successfully pass the first part of the exams, you have to go on with your learning, and now you have to attend the first aid lessons. These classes are shorter, take just nine school hours, and you have to pass the test which is divided into a written test and a practical part of the exam where you will have to demonstrate how to give first aid to an injured person.

After passing this part of the exam, you are now ready to get in a car and start a practical part called vehicle management. The driving school will of course provide you with a driving instructor, but if you want to choose a particular one and they are free, you can learn to drive with them. This part consists of 35 school hours, you will start slowly learning the basics on some empty parking lot and after that, you will be driving with your instructor along the road. If you do not feel confident enough you can always take more driving lessons, additionally paid of course.

After this part, you will have to take the exam. Please note that the vehicle management tests are video and audio recorded. If you fail the exam you are allowed to see and hear the

recording to see once again the reasons for failing.

Costs of driving schools in Croatia:

Medical certificate – approximately 50 euros

Traffic regulations and safety rules ~100 euros

First aid ~80 euros

Vehicle management ~750 euros Additional costs:

Additional hours ~20 euros per hour

Failing the exam with extra costs of driving lessons and a new exam ~100 euros or more

The vehicle management prices are valid for the B category (cars)

Driving schools in Split with English lessons:

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