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English speaking jobs in Croatia

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English speaking jobs in Croatia are a rising trend among employers due to employee shortages in certain fields. Naturally, depending on your education level and professional background you can expect a different experience. As an unwritten rule, in high demand are always IT-related job positions, but also seasonal jobs during summer. The best job portals to look for open positions in Croatia are and As most employers don't advertise their position in English on these websites, better chances are in the LinkedIn Job section, especially for the IT sector. Expect international companies and startups to post here most often. Although it is not a requirement, to avoid confusion, I recommend you include your Croatian address and a phone number to clarify from the start you are located in Croatia.

How to apply for a work permit in Croatia

Before moving forward, make sure you have the right document to be legally applicable to work in Croatia. As you know Croatia is part of the European Union, so this applies to citizens of non-EU countries. The basic documents you will need are:

A copy of their passport.

A passport-size photo.

Proof of their ability to support themselves while in Croatia.

Evidence of health insurance.

An employment contract.

Proof of academic qualifications and skills.

Evidence of their company's registration.

For more details, I highly recommend an article by ExpatInCroatia

Salaries in Croatia

Regardless if you are looking for English speaking jobs in Croatia or you are a fluent speaker of the Croatian language, don't be surprised not to see a salary or a range during your search. It is not mandatory to post this information in a job ad. On the other hand, it is acceptable to ask during your interview. To give you a rough idea of what to expect, a good starting salary for Croatia is considered to be above 1000 EUR (nett). For more experienced professionals this can grow to 1700 or even 2700 EUR (nett). If you are applying for a summer job in a hotel or restaurant employers offer accommodation as a part of the salary package. High vacation rental prices and shortage of accommodation availability make these kinds of offers a good value and stressless experience.

There are other types of jobs you can also apply for or register for, better to say. Working for delivery services such as Wolt or Bolt is a very popular starting job.

Top tips for getting an English speaking jobs in Croatia:

  1. Stand out - the good news is that startups don't care much about the standard bureaucracy that you can find in more traditional companies. This allows you to express yourself in an original way through your application.

  2. Keep it simple - as a general rule, a consistent and ideally one-page CV should highlight your expertise and match the required job skills. Avoid describing what you were responsible for, but what you did.

  3. Write a cover letter - yes, even if it is not required. Do the extra mile and find the recruiter on LinkedIn, approach them in a polite way, and secure yourself an interview.

  4. Don't be afraid to ask questions - Showing your genuine interest in the position, not only shows your motivation but also emphasizes your understanding of the

  5. Be natural - at the end of the day, you will be spending 8 hours a day with your colleagues. It is very important that you show your character and set reasonable borders. Express what you are comfortable with and what should be avoided or respected by others.

  6. Networking - Attend local job fairs, and events within your profession or simply start visiting local coworking spaces in Split. It is still the best way to be informed about opportunities that necessarily won't be announced online.

English-friendly companies in Split, Croatia: - online travel agency - online travel agency - software developers - digital marketing agency - green technology manufacturer

Profico - mobile app and web developers

Infobip - omnichannel communication

Even though English will be your main communication language, expect that not all colleagues will have a fluent level of English, and be open to learning Croatian for what is necessary.

If you are looking for a recruitment agency that can help you also with your working licence, feel free to do your research on Google with this search term: LINK


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