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Movies in Split - cinema expat guide

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Regardless if you are out of ideas about what to do in your free time, or if you are a movie lover, Cinema is one of the favorite activities that Croatians still very much adore. It comes with no surprise as most of them have been built in the last 10 to 20 years. Expect modern equipped cinema halls with amazing picture and sound quality for very affordable prices! And the best thing is that each Wednesday there are discounted prices on all movies (in CineStar and Cineplexx).

There are several options for watching movies in Split, Croatia. Here are a few:

  1. CineStar Split: This modern cinema complex is located in two locations; one at the Joker shopping center right outside the old city center, and one at the north entrance of the city in Mall of Split, another popular shopping destination. Expect modern screens, comfortable seating, and a range of movies from Hollywood blockbusters to independent films. Also, for some extra excitement try to catch a movie in 4DX in Mall of Split. If you plan to visit on a regular basis, make sure to create a custom card as you can collect points that you spend in the Cinema afterward.

  2. Cineplexx Split: A popular alternative to CineStar, especially for visitors who shop at City Center One shopping mall. It is located on the east entrance of the town, right North of the city's main cemetery Lovrinac. Just like Cinestar, you will find the same selection of movies, at an almost identical price range. This cinema has more marketing activities so it's worth checking their Facebook page for regular "Ladies' night", "Wednesday deals" or special premiers.

  3. Kino Karaman: The oldest cinema in Split. It was founded in 1907 and it is the only cinema left in the heart of the city center, right next to the fishing market in Marmontova ulica. Even though it has been renovated many times it still captures the vintage vibes and the atmosphere of old film tapes. Expect two movies a day, covering European and Hollywood production. For more information visit the official Kino Karaman website.

  4. Zlatna Vrata Cinema: This boutique cinema is located within the Diocletian Palace and features a unique and intimate setting for movie screenings. It is an excellent choice if you are a fan of movies in different languages (sometimes showing even without subtitles), documentaries, educational events, and such. It is also the only place in town in which you can watch Golden movie classics when they are on the program, of course. Check out their calendar here:

  5. Summer Cinema Bacvice: Although the name suggests differently, this cinema is located right above "Ovčice Beach" which is right next to Bačvice Beach. In any case, during the summer months, the only outdoor cinema in Split will recap movies that you might have missed during the year but also showcase the new titles. Also, every June a famous Mediteran Film Festival is organized here. With an entrance open for the public this is your best opportunity to see the best indie cinematography of countries that are located on the Mediterain Sea. As nights are already very warm in June, get yourself a cold drink and enjoy some of the best movies all the way from Spain to Israel.


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