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Complete Guide: Split Ferry Port

ferry jadrolinija

This guide was put together to ease your understanding, navigation and travel from Split Ferry Port. By the end of the article, you should feel comfortable understanding the system, routes, and how to buy ferry tickets in Split. Let's get it started!

Croatia's national ferry company is called Jadrolinija. It has ferries and other types of water transportations in every city/island in which there is a connection. It is the most used one, as for many years it was the only service provider. However, in recent years private owned companies are providing different routes that are not covered by Jadrolinija. Many of them are seasonal, so keep in mind to check timetables and alternative routes if you are visiting outside the summer season.

Where to go from Split Ferry Port?

Currently with 13 local lines, one regional, and one International, Split is the biggest commercial ferry port in Croatia. It is located in the heart of the city, right next to the bus and train terminal station, and only 10 minutes by foot from the city Center. For many (even the locals) the experience of buying tickets, and catching your ride can be quite an adventure at the peak of the summer season due to traffic jams, and long ticket queues. I will talk more about this a bit later, but for now, let's take a look at which companies operate in which routes.


By taking one of the Jadrolinija lines with a car, you can reach the following islands: Brač, Šolta, Hvar, Vis, Korčula, and Lastovo. Travel time will take you between 50 minutes (to Šolta and Brač) up to 4 hours to reach Lastovo, the furthest destination on the list. The fast ferries, or catamarans, as they are called locally, can reach very popular destinations such as Bol (Zlatni rat beach) or the City of Hvar. Catamaran is a type of a speed boat that doesn't carry motorized vehicles. By choosing catamaran over a classic ferry, not only you will save travel time, but you will also avoid taking the bus rides which are unavoidable if you plan to reach Bol or Hvar City with a ferry. Note that equipping a bicycle is not allowed, and taking a pet with you is allowed for an extra charge.

As the prices and time schedule changes each season, I recommend you to visit Jadrolinija Sailing Schedule for accurate information.

Although the map above doesn't suggest it, please note that from Split you can reach Dubrovnik, and Ancona in Italy too. The line that connects Split with Dubrovnik (and other way around) is a seasonal line. It will take you almost 6 hours to reach Dubrovnik from Split, but along the way you can exit in Bol, Hvar City or Korčula City. The time table and prices are available at this link.

Split Ancona ferry line is the only International destination, and it is operated by Jadrolinija and SNAV. The Jadrolinija Line operates through the year, starting from two days per week (during winter) up to 5 times per week (in the peak season). The ride will take you approx. 9 hours or so. Regardless if you are with a car or by foot, you can purchase a ticket for this ride. You are also allowed to take pets with you, but all pets should have a ticket, and must be on a leash or in a transport kennel. In some cases you might need a pet's passport, so before the trip read pet guidelines by the operator.

For the best prices and deals for international ferry lines, I would recommend checking Direct Ferries, a website designed for comparing and buying farry tickets Worldwide.

Tickets for all lines mentioned above can also be purchased online or at official Jadrolinija's ticket centers. For the online purchase, head to Jadrolinija's website, and select the destination of your journey in the trip planner. After you select the date too, the timetable will open, and from that point you can choose any of the given lines and purchase the tickets online.

Regardless if you buy the ticket online or in a ticket shop, you can board the ferry later than the time of your boarding, but not later than the date indicated on your ticket. This is important to mention because during the high summer season the car queue is almost endless during the day. This means that cars will be loading the ferry until full capacity, and then if you don't make it, you simply take the next one.

Where to buy ferry tickets in Split?

The first Jadrolinija office is located on the ground floor of the Tourist Palace at the beginning of Riva (Address: Obala Lazareta 3, 21000, Split, Croatia) ; the second one is a small kiosk on the dock at the centre of the harbour ; and the third, is on the ground floor of the terminal building, which is located at the beginning of the ferry port (Address: Gat Svetog Duje 1, 21000, Split, Croatia)


Krilo is a privately owned boat transport company that operates during the year, but as well with additional lines during summer months. Their boats also start and end their journey in Split harbour, but unlike Jadrolinija's ferries, their boats are located at the first dock, just above Riva (behind Tourist palace). Apart from Bol on Brač and Hvar City, you can also reach other destinations such as Makarska, Mljet island (Pomena village), Prigradica (on island Korčula), or Sutivan on Island Brač. Please note that their seasonal offer changes from year to year, so if you are reading this before taking the trip, please visit their website for more accurate information:

Bura Line

The very last one on this list is the Bura Line, with a very specific line that operates between Trogir, Slatine (on Island Čiovo), and Split. Apart from this line, you can also book excursions on their website. From the current offer I would recommend visiting Blue Cave. Find more details at the following link:

And that's it! Now you are ready to buy tickets and travel to regional sea destinations like a local. For any further questions I prepared a brief FAQ, but in case of additional questions, feel free to contact me through a contact form below.

FAQ Split Ferry Port

What bus lines go to Split harbour?

Split harbour and ferry terminal can be reached by bus lines 9, 10, and 15. During high summer season (Between July 15 and August 15) plan additional 30 to 45 minuts for your trip, as the streets are usually stuck with a traffic jam.

How to enter Split ferry port with a car?

There is only one access, and that it through Ulica Kralja Zvonimira. The exit is through streets Katalinićev prilaz, which extends to Jadranska ulica.

Can I cancel and get a refund for a Jadrolinija ferry ticket?

Jadrolinija approves cancellation with a 10% cancellation fee.

Is it possible to do one day trip to Brač or Hvar?

Yes you can. Reaching Brač is a bit more accessible, as it is closer, and the ferries are running from early morning to almost midnight. For Hvar the best option will be to combine Jadrolinija and Krilo ferries/boats, as you will want to take speed ferries (Catamarans) for one day trip to Hvar.

Can you travel from Vis to Hvar?

No, there are no official lines covering this route. However, seasonal private taxi boats will be available at sight. These are the most expensive and fastest boats designed for "island hopping".

Is there a ferry from the Split Airport to Hvar?

No, there are no official lines covering this route. However, seasonal private taxi boats could be available at signt. This service is not affordable for everyone's pockets, but arranging such a special request offer will be possible, not only to Hvar, but Brač, Šolta or any other nearby destination.

Thank you for reading. I hope this guide will be helpful the next time you decide to take a ride with a ferry in Split.


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