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8 Courses and classes in Split

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Life as an expat is an adventure that often opens up a world of possibilities. Away from the familiar comforts of home, expats are presented with the unique opportunity to explore diverse cultures, embrace new experiences, and build meaningful connections with people from all walks of life. But even the locals often find themselves trapped in daily routines and professional commitments, leaving little room for personal growth and exploration. Luckily many courses and classes are offered in Split, allowing you to learn new skills and foster meaningful relationships within our communities. Whether you're an aspiring artist seeking to brush up on your painting techniques, a passionate cook yearning to master the art of gourmet cuisine, or a budding photographer eager to capture life's moments through the lens, there's a diverse array of creative courses waiting to be explored right in your town - Split.

Professional Ocuppation

For those who seek career development opportunities, Split offers numerous private schools that offer one-year to several years of education, preparing you for a career in a field of your choice. Among a couple of private schools, there are public schools for adults too. Find below the list of the most

Algebra - ranging from summer programs over bachelor to master study, Algebra is concentrated mostly on digital jobs in IT, Marketing, and Design. With such a career you can continue to enjoy your life in Split, working for local companies or even remotely if that suits you better.

Aspira - This private school offers, so-called, lifelong education for adults who seek a professional career in Tourism, Sport, or Cookery. With courses in English, Summer courses, and even a Course in Croatian, it is an ideal place to take full advantage of a country that is known for its tourism, amazing food, and sports results.

Skmer - As a perfect introduction into our next category Skmer is a private school founded by renomated Chefs that teach and educate new generations of culinary master chefs. Among their professional culinary courses, they organize one-day amateur cooking courses for adults and even children. If you or your kid is interested in learning how to make Sushi, fry perfect Wok or prepare authentic Dalmatian Rissoto, this is the best class in town. Explore the link for more courses, as the list is long!

Amateur classes and courses

mARTa - This Art studio is run by academicians and professors who want to bring different branches of fine art closer to every individual, regardless of age and education. It is not necessary for the participant to have any previous knowledge, because with each beginning we start from the very basics of the chosen course or workshop. Here you will find everything from drawing, painting, sculpting to pottery.

Foto Club Split - As the name suggests, the city's oldest photo club is still a very vibrant part of the city's culture and art. During their course in digital photography, you will learn the basics that will change the way you perceive the environment and objects you photograph. Something that app filters cannot improve, you will agree.

Gkm - If you are interested in theatre and acting, Split also offers a course for scholars, students, and adults in their charming theatre in the heart of the city center. With rehearsals scheduled during weekends, there really is no excuse to make your wish come to.

Split Stroke Roll - During my research, I was pleasantly surprised to find there is a course for drummers in Split. Although it's only organized through a Facebook group, I am sure individual lessons will give you the opportunity to learn the basics or just to steam out if you ever want to do that behind the drum kit.

Scubadiving - Well, not technically in Split, but on Island Pag you will find a course for this beautiful skill. After mastering the class, you can even try to join the local scuba diving club in Split "Ronilački Klub Split".

I hope this list will help you find inspiration to make the most out of your free time. Unfortunately Split is still very new to Expat community so most of these courses will be run in Croatian. However, from my experience, the locals are always positively energized and ready to help when they see that newcomers are interested in becoming part of the local community. As many people in Split and Croatia speak at least basic English, I am sure you will have easy integration even in a course officially run in Croatian. Good luck, and have fun!


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